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on the ground here in indiana. and across the tornado zone. dozens are dead, entire towns destroyed. tonight, amid widespread devastation from the massive outbreak of storms, incredible stories of survival. >>> also tonight, rush limbaugh apologizes. what he's now saying about his crude tirade against a woman that set off a fire storm. >>> hold the phone, american troops crying foul. why they say they're being ripped off while making that rare call home. >>> and the salute. from 3-year-old john john to his fallen father, remembering the man behind one of the iconic images of our time. captions paid for by nbc-universal television. >>> good evening. all around me as far as the eye can see, a tattered landscape littered with the remnants of people's lives. this is henryville. officials say it was likely an ef-4 tornado that struck here. this is one of the hardest hit places from the parade of punishing tornadoes that went up and down the country from the great lakes down to the gulf yesterday. all told, more than 100 reports of tornados since yesterday. that's more than we would typically see
bay. we will see you at 6:00. good night. >>> on this sunday night from the storm zone in indiana, the recovery after that deadly wave of tornadoes. >>> plus, remarkable stories of survival and helping hands. the other first responders showing compassion and the kindness of strangers. >>> tough talk. president obama tells israel and the world to give diplomac time, but says he won't hesitate to use force against iran if necessary. >>> making the grade. a new way to teach the teachers the novel idea to help better educate our kids. >>> and, sweet success in black and white. tonight, celebrating a century with milk's favorite cookie. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight as more and more improbable stories of survival emerge from friday's tornado rampage, the word miracle is getting used an awful lot, like the case of a woman who huddled in this bathroom of this tiny wood frame house. this house continued to stand, she survived even as the neighborhood around her disintegrated. look to the left, the only thing left of her neighbor's house and the fr
through indiana at 175 miles per hour. this as a 2-year-old girl is found alone in a field. the only survivor in her family. a young symbol of hope against a backdrop of destruction and despair. >>> murder mystery. a handyman is arrested in connection with the death of a wealthy detroit woman. but while he's confessed to having a role in the crime, he says he did not work alone. >>> and i sincerely apologize. the surprising show of remorse, radio host rush limbaugh apologizes for his remarks against a georgetown law student. what may have brought about his change of heart? we'll get some insight today, march 4, 2012. >>> good morning and welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt in henriville, indiana. >> and i'm jenna wolfe along with carl in studio 1-a. 37 people are confirmed dead, 20 in kentucky, 12 in indiana and 3 in ohio. >> national weather services the four twisters to hit kentucky were the worst in the region in 24 years. henryvil henryville, indiana, an ef-4, staying on the ground for more than 50 miles. >> in one sign amid the hope and destruction a 2-year-o
-universal television >>> good evening. tonight, a u.s. senator from indiana said they'd appreciate the prayers of everyone watching television tonight. we are covering a severe weather outbreak of severe weather this evening, the likes of which we are not sure we've ever seen before. 155 million americans have been in the path of severe weather today and tonight. we had tornados in eight states. at one point this evening, there were 19 separate tornado warnings. ve othe map in theve southeast, including se maomr cities, including some smaller towns that are frankly no longer standing. at the heart of some of these storms is some of the strongest weather this planet can produce. our team has fanned out to cover it all. we want to begin with the worst of it. dr. greg forbes is the severe weather expert at the weather channel. dr. forbes, we've been watching you all afternoon into the evening. you've been asked to prioritize about the larger tornados. where is the worst headed tonight? >> some is rolling across eastern parts of kentucky. we have tornado warnings all the way north of the ohio rive
, indiana. they say she is in critical condition tonight. a hospital spokes woman says both her parents, her 3-year-old brother and her sister were killed in the tornado. more than 100 tornados hit in 12 states this week. nbc bay area's jay gray is in one of the hardest hit communities in indiana. >> reporter: hey, there, diane. it's heart breaking stories that continue to unfold across the country right now. or at least the tornado alley here. the devastation stretches for miles here. and across 12 states. it's evidence of two violent attacks from mother nature over the span of three days. loss for many that's difficult to bear right now. a day after and the devastation is almost impossible to believe. >> tragic terrible. up with minute you're here and then you're gone. >> communities and lives ripped apart by a hundred tornadoes that touched down across a dozen states. the images of destruction tell the sad story better than any words might. kentucky, georgia, tennessee, and north carolina. deep, violent scars that stretch for miles. perhaps none more painful than here in the nation's hear
, indiana. hey, lester, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. i'm standing in the middle of the 52-mile-long path of the biggest tornado of that day, the ef4 churning at speeds of 175 miles per hour. what does that translate into? how about a power pole that snapped into thirds? reinforced metal bent like paper around that tree branch. and here's the attic of a house that simply collapsed on top of itself. this didn't take place over a matter of minutes. it happened in a matter of seconds. and survivors are finding that moving on presents a new and different challenge each day. three days after the tornado gutted this small indiana town, this morning, a blanket of snow, adding insult to injury. aaron zoman falls on the slick rubble of his home as he searches for family photos and keepsakes. he's unhurt. >> kind of makes you worry about the rest of the pictures that's left when all that snow melts. >> reporter: today, many of his neighbors who also lost their homes filed into a church to accept donated food, clothing and supplies. other survivors, like michelle, were already back at
to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt reporting from henryville, indiana, a town that was it lutterly devastated by friday's storms. >> i'm amy robach inside studio 1a. here's what we know. 31 dead, 14 in indiana, 14 in kentucky and three in ohio. that number is expected to rise today. authorities say it's difficult to determine how many people are missing as searchers struggle with the lack of electricity in many areas. >> reporter: more than 85 tornados were reported on friday. it was the second time in a week that storms swept across parts of the nation's midsection. ten states were under some kind of weather threat. the hardest hit areas are in southern indiana, kentucky, ohio, tennessee, and northern alabama. now, in terms of size, this storm system was enormous. we watched it building all day. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. it was so side that an estimated 34 million people were at risk for severe weather. that's according to the national weather service, amy. >> and, lester, you were just in harrisburg, illinois. and i know you arrived
indiana has died. the 14-month-old girl was found alive in a field on friday night after a series of tornados. today, angel babcock was removed from life support due to the severity of her injuries. she was found 150 yards from where her family's home stood. the parents, brother and sister were all killed as well. jay gray is in lyhenryville, alabama. >> the echo of chain saws cuts through a community sered to its core. mother nature may have delivered the first violent shock, but clearly the fight here is far from over. an army of volunteers pull ing out and piling up what they can. the weapons in this war to survive include front loaders, backhoes, and at times along the front lines of this disaster, the battle is hand-to-hand combat. >> people from everywhere coming to help and just this the fact that in a time like this that people can come, people that don't even know each other can help and bring what resources we have. >> reporter: many understand the fickle nature of the storms and the real possibility they could be next. >> it's incredible. by the grace of god, ten miles
storms sfauned dozens of tornadoes this afternoon from indiana to tennessee. one of the hardest-hit areas, henriville, indiana, where from the air the path of destruction stretches for miles. entire homes ripped from their foundations, neighborhoods gone. this school bus tossed into a house. another thrown on its side in the parking lot of the local high school where classes were just letting out when a funnel cloud was spotted. >> we had numerous tornadoes hit the ground. >> reporter: there are reports of several injuries and at least one person missing. crews are still working through the rubble searching for survivors. in nearby marysville, a similar scene, homes obliterated, trees sawed in house, the rural landscape dotted with destruction. from indiana, the storm continued to move east into tennessee with the same disastrous results, trees and power lines snapped, roofs ripped from homes all with little warning. >> well, it started thundering and lightning and the wind got up a little bit and clouds started becoming really black, opened up just like a white cloud, went right straight
indiana. indiana as you might know was hit hard by a series of tornados. at least eight people have died. the latest in ape se series of twisters that touched down soecht maso many states have been affected. jay gray joins us from nashville. when will it end? what is the forecast out there? >> forecast, unfortunately calls for more severe weather in areas of tornado alley. some areas will see storms, past midnight tonight. a tense, dangerous night ahead. as they get through what has been a difficult day. tornado alley turned deadly today. severe storms, spawned dozens of tornados this afternoon. from indiana to tennessee. one of the hardest hit areas, henriville, indiana, where from the air, path of destructs stretches for miles. entire homes ripped from their foundations. neighborhood gone. this school bus tossed into a house. another thrown on its side in the parking lot of the local highle school where classes were letting out when a funnel cloud was spotted. >> we had numerous tornados hit the ground. >> there are reports of several injuries. at least one person missing. crews are st
on top of all of them. we get her story tonight from nbc's tom costello in henryville, indiana. >> reporter: huddled in the basement with a massive tornado bearing down on their new home, stephanie decker had just seconds to protect 8-year-old domenic and 5-year-old reese, so she wrapped them in a blanket and laid on top of them just as the house started coming apart. >> everything was just slamming into my back. i had my children in the blanket and they were screaming. mommy, i can't live without you, i don't want to die, please don't let me die. i said, you're not going to die, we're going to make it. >> reporter: when the storm cleared the home had been wiped from its foundation. stephanie and the kids were buried. >> i took my phone and made a video to my husband -- telling him i love him. >> reporter: it was domenic who climbed out and ran for help. a neighbor, sheriff's deputy brian lovens came running with friends to find stephanie with a severed leg and bleeding heavily. >> she's like, i'm dying. i ain't going to let you die. >> reporter: using a belt as a tourniquet th
, including an indiana toddler found alive in a field saturday. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: this morning across tornado alley, battered communities are preparing for anything but a normal monday. the message seems a bit obvious. like so much here, henryville high school has been torn apart. there are, though, other signs of survival. sunlight brings the steady rhythm of crews working to pull away and pile up what they can. others sifting through the rubble by hand to find anything they might be able to save, evidence of their lives before the storm. >> she's probably 70, and she lost everything except what we can pull out. >> reporter: more than three dozen families already know they won't find any help or hope in this debris. they lost loved on iesthis storm. one of those gone, 15-month-old angel babcock. after the storm, first responders found the toddler fighting for her life in this field. her mom, dad, and two brothers already dead. yesterday angel passed away after being pulled from life support. her grandfather shared his emotions just before he made the agonizing de
night. crews found the little girl in a field in washington county, indiana, they say she is in critical condition tonight. she was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was stabilized and then airlifted to a children's hospital in louisville, kentucky. that hospital is trying to keep track of all the new patients coming in. >> we went into disaster mode. not sure how many children we were going to get from the devastation that occurred in indiana and we have tags and we put arm bands and everything on the children. just to identify them. and found out pretty quickly that nobody came with this little girl. >> authorities now say they have identified the little girl, a hospital spokesperson says both her parents, her 3-year-old brother and her 2-month-old sister were killed in the tornadoes. >>> and around here, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. very different. we're going to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with what's going on with the crazy weather we've had this week. >> we've gone from rain and snow, to temperatures that could be getngtilose to 80 degrees in some spot
are confirmed dead after nearly 100 tornados hit this week. a two-year-old was found alive in a field in indiana last night. a hospital spokeswoman says the girl is the only one in her family to survive. she remains in critical condition tonight. jay gray has more on the devastation. >> reporter: this morning clean up crews will storm the hardest hit areas of tornado ally sifting through miles of debris, all that's left from so many communities and lives ripped apart by the storms. >> tragic, terrible, like one minute you're here and then you're gone. >> a disaster spread by at least 100 tornados that left deep scars across a dozen states. >> he was the greatest love of my life. >> cheryl's husband ron wasn't supposed to be home when the storms hit. >> he shouldn't have been here. he came home early from work because he didn't feel good and wanted to take a nap. >> he dies when the twister ripped apart their home and they were planning a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary and instead must prepare for a funeral. across tornado alley for many the only thing left to hold onto is each ot
at a scene in henryville, indiana, where a blanket of snow now covers the damage from friday's deadly tornado there. >> around two inches fell overnight. i know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it could weigh down damaged structures making the work for cleanup crews even more dangerous. the tornado in henryville was the largest of as many as 79 twisters that hit the region on friday and then again on saturday. meanwhile, the death toll rose on sunday when a 15-month-old girl who was found in a field after a tornado destroyed her home and killed her family was taken off life support. coming up, her neighbor who risks his own life at the height of the storm who tried to save them all will speak out in a live interview. >> compelling story and a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll on the eve of super tuesday that could be good news for mitt romney. >>> and then the tragic death of an 18-year-old girl killed in an accident moments after she texted from behind the wheel that driving and facebooking is not safe. her parents are turning the loss into a mission to save others. coming up, they w
mommy and dade. -- dade. >> in peeken, indiana, scott atkins. >>> coming up next at 11:00, a daughter honors her father killed in the line of duty by taking his place in a marathon today. we will show you that. >>> what's players and fans looking for coverage at the game? we will show you. >>> and it may seem like spring training around the bay area today. 70s and 80s but get ready for a blast of winter. right now fog and 40s and 50s but some showers and gusty winds this the forecast. a look at the timing when we come back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess what...you missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with
in henryville, indiana. as a tornado made a direct hit there earlier this month. it lifted the 36,000 pound bus like a toy, tossing it into a nearby diner. the bus driver led students to safety just minutes before. >>> still ahead, as "nbc nightly news" continues this friday, one of america's most exclusive clubs. will they finally admit women? >>> and later, more on the giant jackpot. what is it that makes so many people take a long-shot chance on a dream? >>> an american institution may be under new pressure tonight to admit women as members. next week is one of the biggest tournaments in golf. the masters at america's most exclusive golf club, augusta national. the club has only 300 members, all men. now augusta may have to change course. nbc's lisa myers explains why. >> augusta national golf club is among the most hallowed ground in golf, in its tournament, the masters, has provided some of golf's most memorable moments from its brightest stars. but this year's event threatened to be overshadowed by controversy. the exclusive club which includes the titans of american business, has long re
and exacted their revenge last night and outscored indiana by 20 in the third. chicago wins it. no secret the clippers the most improved team in the league but starting to look like the clippers of old and dropped five of their last eight. the timberwolves kevin love, played like a man among boys. 39 points and 17 boards. clips had a chance to tie the game two seconds left but chris paul missed a free throw. timberwolves win it. 95-94. college hoops last year, cinderella heading back to the big dance and beat drexel in the championship game. dragons had a chance to tie but couldn't get the three to fall at the buzzer. bcu punching its ticket to the tournament, 59-56. gonzaga and mary are both heading to the tournament, but only one could win the west coast conference. final seconds, zags down 3. harris pulled up to tie the game and force overtime. st. mary's took the lead in the extra frame and won the wcc 78-74. overtime there. how about double overtime here? davidson and western carolina. wildcats up two with a minute left and earned an automatic bid to the tournament with a win in doub
in an indiana jewelry store last month. though the higher end items were locked up and secure, he and two other burglars managed to ghirt hands on less expensive watches and jewels using a bin to collect the stolen goods. police are hoping blood drops left at the scene will help them find the suspects. >>> and finally take a look at this time-lapse video of an ice-out, as another day of warm weather finally melts a minneapolis lake for the season. it happened monday, which fittingly was the last full day of winter. at least on the calendar. it took about 90 minutes for the ice to disappear. hundreds of records for high temperatures have been shattered this year in and around the twin cities. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins, a lot to get to in your weather forecast. >> going to be 85 in chicago today, flooding rains in texas. and everyone on the west coast is, like, okay, bring the warmth. l let's get winter over with. if you love spring skiing, the place to be is the in the cascades. more snow heading your way, already falling in some a
news in louisville, kentucky or nearby henryville, indiana. precious items thought to be claimed by this month's deadly tornado are being saved. priceless family photos that were ripped, muddied and otherwise mangled are being rescued by a small photography studio. the mom and pop operation is using digital technology in a race to save and restore the images electronically and they're doing it all for free. they're giving victims, of course, a picture of hope. what a great idea. >> the first time i heard about this was after the joplin tornadoes. people did facebook pages. now it's catching on, people can easily find the stuff they lost. >> it is great that they can use social media as a way to get in touch. >> if you thought you had no photos and you get a picture of your little baby, good stuff. >>> i'm lynn berry, this is "early today," your first stop of the day on your nbc station. >>> there's a fluffy new addition. a 3-month-old polar bear was debuted to the public. the cub shares a father with knut. he die the last year. his sister made a confident first impression as she
and it did not gain traction. there has been interest in other states. legislators from new york and indiana contacted her office for advice. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now to the south bay. the locals could be shutout due to budget cuts. they can no longer guarantee admission for qualified residents. hearings are under way and administrators say they can't afford that local student guarantee. admission standards for the next year will be tighter. >> for everybody, the message needs to be what you do as a program in high school, those grades matter. your test scores on the sat matters. if you were just on the margin, it's going to be harder to get into college here or many places. >> administrators claim the higher standards increase retention and graduation rates and helps students complete their major. if you are a current student it should help you. two more public meetings are scheduled. >> the planning commission approved a bid to wal-mart to bring a store to the community. most expressed support for having a wal-mart take over the spot that the nob hill sup
called pap porn indiana. no one is suggesting they are as healthful as a handful of care the careicators, but they are better than brownies. >> you can have treats in moderation and that will go a long way towards making them healthy adults. >> also on the list of the best packaged foots, bare naked mix and quaker oatmeal granola bars and anything made by kashi. >> no more than three grams of fat for 100 calories. >> they should max out at 100 to 200 calories a serving. the dietician and parent-approved snack that tastes good. erica edwards, nbc news. >> we need healthy snacks in the newsroom. >> we do. >> happy monday to you, jeff. >> welcome back from vacation, raj. we had extreme weather this weekend and reports of hail in morgan hill and south san jose. all added up to these major rain totals in the santa cruz mountains. some of the top numbers and over 16 and 1/4 inches. nearly 6 n orinda and san francisco close to three inches. the rain varied widely, but any rain we picked up was much welcomed. six inches below for the water season. on the radar, we are northeast in the south bay.
on the ground in henryville, indiana, and west liberty, kentucky, which suffered widespread destruction. tonight, there's news from both hard-hit cities in west liberty we're getting our first look at what might be the most dramatic video yet of the twisters ripping off a roof like a tin can. an incredible look at its sheer power. >>> in henryville, teachers returned to the decimated school today where a handful of students and staff rode out the storm and were amazingly unharmed. teachers spent the day digging through the rubble to see if there was anything to salvage. students will attend classes at schools in nearby cities for the rest of the school year. >>> we turn to hawaii now which has been far from a vacation paradise this week. as record breaking storms sweep across the island chain. first, the good news. there are no reports of any deaths or injuries. but tonight, the damage is so widespread, hawaii's governor has declared a state of emergency. we get the latest now from nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: the hailstorm that peppered oahu is something that the locals say they have never s
weather note. two weeks after a series of devastating tornadoes in southern indiana, some remarkable images have emerged. surveillance cameras inside henryville junior/senior high school captured the tornado there. hitting the school and blowing parts of it away. and the most dramatic scene was in the gym. the force of the tornado and the vacuum, it sucked the debris out of the building, leaving a skeleton of what it was once was. >>> we turn to politics and the republican battle for delegates as they look forward to primaries in puerto rico tomorrow and illinois on tuesday. as they campaign today rick santorum and mitt romney showed their dramatically different styles. ron mott has the latest for us tonight. >> reporter: if they were movies rick santorum's campaign might be the low key independent breakout. while mitt romney's cast a look of a big-studio blockbuster. fireworks and all. differences in tone and budget that santorum noted at an event today in missouri with signs of romney everywhere. >> and money isn't going to buy this election. vision and character and authenticity a
on an indiana school earlier this month. classes had just let out for the day, but 80 high school students and teachers hunkered down as the ef-4 twister ripped away the roof of the gym along with other parts of the campus. nearly half of the school was destroyed, but thankfully no one was hurt. >>> in los angeles, a light rail train crashed into a car, sending the driver and five passengers to the hospital. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to free the victims. witnesses say the driver had run a stoplight just before crossing onto the tracks. there were no passengers aboard the train, and the conductor wasn't injured. >>> and, finally, an extreme st. patrick's day party in north carolina. for the second year in a row, rafters and kayakers rode out what's billed as the world's only whitewater river to be turned green. 12 million gallons of water got a dye job at the u.s. national whitewater center in charlotte. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has the forecast. bill, folks out west, only people seeing some of this col
it up today? herb broke that story. robert in indiana. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, how you doing? >> not bad. how are you, hoosier? >> caller: good. csx railroad beefing up intermodal service? >> i think is a slow road. i don't like the coal stocks and they ship a lot of coal. ladies and gentlemen, that's the conclusion of the lightning round. 3q save them. presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! . >>> you want to get a good read on the employment situation? forget about the jobs numbers this morning. we have another data point that sometimes i think is more important. paychex. second largest payroll company in america. it reported this morning, and you can take your cue from these guys, especially from small business, which is their bread and butter. it has a bountiful 4% yield.
. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> who let susan back? that's a little inside joke. lovely lady from indiana what percentage of college degrees awarded each year in the united states are earned by women, 40%, 50%, 60% or 70%? >> 60%. >> yes. another smart woman right here. >> she nailed it. 60% of all college degrees. >> there was a time when women didn't go to college, when families would send the boys off to college and girls were to stay home and learn how to take care of the home. 60% of the women now going to college. it's phenomenal. >> back across. >> beautiful girl from california. true or false a woman invented pantyhose as a more comfortable alternative to the garter belt. >> no. >> no. and with attitude. >> so a man -- >> it's true. a man invented pantyhose. alan gant sr. because he was tired of listening to his pregnant wife complain about garter belts. he invented pantyhose. a wonderful thing. another great woman sarah blakely invented spanx. >> kathie lee is going to take issue with that, because she claims she invented it. >> that woman knows i invented it. you're from vermont
coming up, a harrowing story we brought you on tuesday. an indiana mother who protected her kids by laying on top of them as a tornado ripped apart their home and because of her brave actions she lost part of both legs but her kids survived without a scratch. this morning she'll share her story. and a new drama at nicollette sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit. how the central argument that she was fired from "desperate housewives" in re-al tags got a big hit on tuesday. >> let's begin with the act of tough love from a north carolina father who fired nine shots into his daughter's laptop. we'll talk to them in a moment. first mark potter has the story from the very place where it all began. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. when tommy jordan got up from this chair in this field and shot that computer those were shots heard around the world and seen by millions of people. now he, his wife and daughter are speaking about it publically for the first time after apparently burying the hatchet -- or at least the handgun. tommy jordan and his teenage daught
with you. coming up next, an exclusive look at the road to recovery of the indiana mom who lost parts of her legs protecting her kids from a tornado as it was destroying their home. itis coming up after this. doers. here's to more saturdays in the sun. and budgets better spent. here's to turning rookies into experts, and shoppers into savers. here's to picking up. trading up. mixing it up. to well-earned muddy boots and a lot more spring per dollar. more saving. more doing. that the power of the home depot. break out the gardening gloves. miracle-gro garden soil is now 3 bags for 10 bucks. livi ng w ith the pain livi of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems,...
of indiana. maybe somebody like a chris christie, the governor of new jersey. and of course the perennial favorite among many jeb bush the former governor of florida. but here is the deal. it's not as if these guys can wave a magic wand and say i'm here. vote for me. they have to register for these primaries. they've got to get people on the ground. it costs a lot of money and more than that it takes a lot of time and time is something they don't have. so the only hope for any of these saviors if you will, the only hope is the open convention and where neither romney nor any of the others can be able to solve the majority. it is possible an open convention can turn up anybody into a candidate. >> could this be the rare instance where california could determine the gop nomination? >> you asked me that a month ago, six weeks ago, i'd say nah, nah. the fact is we're still 12 weeks away from the california primary and which of course has the largest pot of delegates. a few minutes ago you showed us those numbers of delegates. guess what? that means as of tonight only about a third will have b
feel like terre haute, indiana. but in actuality, you're in beijing, china, only half a mile from tianemen square. my name is carl stetzer, from cleveland, ohio, and this is my brewery. we've had an opportunity to meet other americans that have started businesses. lost and found which is a high-end fashion shop. there's the veggie table that deals 100% in vegan menu, drinks, everything. and then there's home plate barbecue with texas-style, southern-style smoked meats and barbecue. all sorts of fascinating things that are really starting to represent the american entrepreneurial spirit in beijing which before was lacking. so every day i leave my house and walk to the brewery. most of these alleyways of 100 to 200 years old. a lot of culture and a lot of history here. we first opened to the public on october 2nd, 2010. the first night we sold two kegs and thought that was amazing. but now we move on average over 30 and 40 kegs a week. i don't think that i could do this in the states the way that we did it here. you look at a city like cleveland or pittsburgh, y
from indiana sent us this photo. they do say honesty is the best policy. it's a restaurant. and we can promise you that it's going to be better than most hospitals. maybe even the schools. we don't know for sure. and finally christina willard from north platte, nebraska, submitted this photo. was it really necessary? >> well, you never know. they could have gone all the way up to the very end. >> they give you an extra few feet, but don't drive there. >> okay. thank you, honey. >>> all right. don't spend your entire week doing it. life is short. >>> "what the what" is coming up. >> who knew? >> oh, yeah, who knew? who keeps up with this stuff? >>> this portion of "today" is brought to you by the new nonalcoholic baileys coffee creamers. find your flavor today. >>> and we're back on this winesday wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" st. patrick's day is saturday so we're going to test your luck with irish trivia. as always, kathie lee is next door. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, lucky them, t
the weekend. >>> there's a real cutie. where you from? >> indiana. >> get your weather anytime of the day or night. now let's go back to savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. >>> former "desperate housewives" star nicollette sheridan will be back on the stand at the trial to decide if she was wrongfully terminated from the show. nbc's miguel almaguer is in los angeles following the case. good morning. >> good morning. nicollette sheridan spent all day thursday on the stand. the actress told the jury she was struck in the head by an executive after a disagreement. she even demonstrated the blow to the jury. this after her character was killed off, and she complained to network executives. >> reporter: nicollette sheridan left a los angeles county courthouse just minutes after her first day of testimony. the actress, no stranger to cameras, but usually for scenes like this. >> you know, someone else my age with a load like this? >> reporter: while the television temptress who played edie on "desperate housewives" didn't speak to reporters. in court she did not hold back for the jury. during o
, santorum wins in places like wisconsin, indiana, oregon and romney keeps winning in the northeast, places like new jersey, new york, et cetera, maybe even california, but santorum wins texas. you do all of this stuff, matt, i have him -- we have him 50 short. now, could he get it in state conventions, and in other ways? he could. but that's the real challenge here for mitt romney. i say it's only a little better than 50/50. >> let me clear something up here, because there's some terminology being used here and i think it's being used almost interchangeably, yet i understand it to be very different. a brokered convention versus a contested convention. what's the difference? >> contested convention would essentially be, involve only the four candidates we have now. and they would be the only four brought up for nomination. and by the way, a rule clarification, if newt gingrich and ron paul, if they don't win five states each, their name can't basically be on that first ballot in tampa. it would only be romney and santorum. >> all right so contested is -- brokered means we've got some new fa
. evansville, indiana. 14 wfie. sunny, bezy and 79 degrees. man, what a day. we are talking about much of the eastern two-thirds of the country looking at plenty of sunshine. a lot of wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest, northern california. mountain snows and record highs from the plains down into texas. into the northeast and midatlantic states. a little leftover snow, maybe two to four inches in maine including caribou. a back door cold front will bring temperatures down. still warmer than normal but dropping temperatures a little bit in the northeast. whoa, happy birthday. you better have that looked at. that doesn't look good. all right, cincinnati. i like the chili three-way. >>> we've got a steady stream of moisture moving onshore. especially ad long the peninsul and up in marin county. and the showers, right now, are out there the worst for the morning. as we progress through the next two hours, they will starto wind down just a little bit. but we're still talking about moderate rainfall in places like richmond, the marina district getting hammered right now.
the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the midwest and south. an indiana mother lost parts of her legs while laying on her children to keep them safe. nbc's tom costello is at the university of louisville hospital where she's recovering. good morning, tom. >> good morning. she's in fair condition. stephanie decker has seven broken ribs. she lost one leg at the knee. another at the ankle. she was home alone with 8-year-old domenic and 5-year-old reese when the storm with 175 mile per hour winds began ripping the home to shreds. alone in their new home with a tornado fast approaching, stephanie decker knew the only chance she and the kids had of surviving was to wrap them in a blanket and lay on top of them. >> everything started hitting my back. beams, pillars, furniture. everything was just slamming into my back. i had my children in the blanket and i was on top of them. i was reaching around, holding them and they were screaming. mommy, i can't live without you. i don't want to die. don't let me die. i said you're not going to die. we're going to make it. >> reporter: when the storm c
way all the way up into indiana over the next 24 hours. this friday art to morning. we end up in upper 50s and t lo 60s. i'm chris teep a loren. 63 in san jose. sunshine for the first part of the day and increasing clouds the second half ahead of a front that's bringing heavy periods of rain throughout the weekend. if you are making plans, early sunday is the best chance. monday and tuesday, more showers. by thursday, mild, spring like conditions in the bay. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >>> this morning on "today's real estate," what you can get for under $300,000. today's real estate contributor barbara corcoran is here with some great homes on the market from new york to texas. barbara, good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to start down south near new orleans. >> we sure are. this is a custom one level nome a gated golf community. nice enough that even if you don't play golf you're going to one to live here. neat as a pin facade out front, desperately in need of a tree, i think. but it also has a leaded glass entrance door. the open floor plan makes the whole in
. indiana. >> happy 18th birthday. all right, if your birthday is today here's what you can expect. for this afternoon, sunshine in the northeast. winds are going to be picking up. that's going to lead to windchills by tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. still really warm, record hypotension along with the slight risk in the northern plains. still warm to the south of that system. bitterly cold tomorrow morning in the northeast. we're talking single digit or perhaps teen windchills from new york to boston. >>> good morning to you. well, we're going to see sunshine today, rain tomorrow. i'm meteorologist chris teep a lore the 60s aren't bad when you consider we arelon track with seasonal afrmg. 65 in morgan hill, 65 in danville, and 61 in oakland. heading through the next few days, rain moves in. heavy showers tomorrow and wednesday. then thursday and friday, lighter spring like showers with temperatures still able to climb into the upper 60s and low 70s. have a fantastic monday. >> and you can get a look at your weather 24/7 at the weather channel for weather.com. matt, back to yo
and into indiana and the possibility of hail and damaging wind. a tornado is possible, as well, especially central illinois. meanwhile, it is cold and breezy in the northeast. lovely and sunshine in the southeast. if you're looking for the wintry wet and windy weather, that is along the pacific northwest. >>> we still have light scattered showers streaming on shore. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. the bulk of the moisture is on the way later today. in fact, you can see the only moderate cells are over the east bay from san ramon to danville. 3:00 p.m., start to go get heavy rain over the greater bay area. that will continue overnight, finally getting a little break by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. another round of rain on the way saturday into sunday, but a nice, dry break for second half of your sunday for outdoor plans. >> matt, back inside to you. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. model andability res christie brinkley is soaping up about her real-life drama with ex-husband peter cook. it's been nearly four years since they divorced but the split has no legal end in sight. becau
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